This page is dedicated in fond memory of departed classmates.

Alison Arsht
Elizabeth J. Bogen (10/17/11)
Diane Lane Hamilton (7/08/01)
Marcia Patton Harmon (11/08)
Nancy Milner Hemstead (6/04/04)
Ethel Cardwell Higonnet
Judith Lebowich Howland (10/04/98)
Karen Alexander Hunter (6/22/07)
Anne Miller Mumford (12/30/98)
Julie Bernard O’Malley (7/17/10)
Nancy W. Pringle (8/21/12)
Mary P. Proddow (2/28/09)
Susan Robertson (12/06/97)
Cary Armstrong Rothe (9/09/08)
Susan Kroto Sabin (06/17/99)
Bernice Zeldin Schacter (09/21/2008)
Lynette Scott Smith (5/30/11)
Sally Harris Todd (04/08/05)
Gladys Bucaram Willett (02/19/83)
Pricilla Graichen Youmans (11/22/99)

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